Red Bubble & Market Stalls

I’ve put some work into my Redbubble store.

It’s been around a while, but I haven’t promoted it or kept it up to date, which I feel is a BIG mistake. Voila! I have now hunkered down and updated and tinkered with how my images appear on certain products. I’ll do my best to keep this one up to date with new works.

Some of you may have bought some prints or bookmarks from me in person at one of my market days or comic conventions in the past year, thank you very much if you have! I will be continuing to sell my work via markets and comic conventions, I’m enjoying meeting with you in person and getting immediate feedback.

So what’s the difference between my Redbubble store and my market stalls?

Market stall items, giclee prints, wooden bookmarks, zipper pouches and acrylic brooches

The products. For those unfamiliar with Redbubble, it’s a print on demand company that allows artists to upload their work to their site. Customers can pick an artwork and a product they’d like it printed on, and Redbubble produce the item and ship it out to you. The artist gets a commission on each sale. At Redbubble you can get phone cases, t-shirts, mugs, clocks and pillows for example, you can order as little or as much as you like.

My wooden bookmarks, bandanas, tube headbands, original artwork and acrylic brooches are only available through my market stalls at this stage.

Unframed and framed prints, stickers, greeting cards and zipper pouches are available through both Redbubble and market stalls, however they are produced differently. All prints through my stall are archival quality giclee prints. Stickers, greeting cards and zipper pouches I use different manufacturers, to get a different finish. And I’m always happy to personally sign any prints for you purchased from my market stalls, or add a personal message for gifts.

You can keep up to date with my market stall dates via Facebook and Instagram, I’ll also be posting here shortly about market dates leading up to Christmas.